London Webcam REAL Live Camera Today

Westminster Bridge - Big Ben

This is a view of Westminster Bridge, looking towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament which you can see on the left-hand side. The bridge spans the River Thames. The camera is located at the east end of the bridge and is looking west, but it always feels like the bridges are going north to south because the river flows west to east!

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus, where Piccadilly, Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue meet. Famous for the statue of Eros (Cupid), which you can see to the right, and for the illuminated advertising billboard, which is at the top of the shot, next to Shaftesbury Avenue. They sometimes zoom in on this camera and you don't always see the statue of Eros.


Looking south-west down Brompton Road in Knightsbridge. Harrods is straight ahead, the red sandstone building with the green window canopies. Knightsbridge is one of the most expensive locations in London. You might spot a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce here - particularly in the summer when the Arab princes visit!

Shaftesbury Avenue

Looking down Shaftesbury Avenue, heading towards Piccadilly Circus. The camera is located at the junction of Macclesfield Street and Dean Street in Soho, in the heart of Theatreland. You can see the Sondheim theatre to the right (at the junction of Wardour Street); home of Les Miserables, the world's longest-running musical.

Parliament Square

A view of Parliament Square, looking south. You quite often see demonstrations here. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are to the left (mostly out of shot). The white building on the other side of the square is Westminster Abbey. They change the zoom on this camera sometimes and you don't always see the Abbey.

Piccadilly - Ritz Hotel

This is a view of Piccadilly in the West End. The camera is looking west, towards Hyde Park Corner. The Ritz hotel, famous for its tea, is to the left of the shot where the arch is. You can just make out the illuminated sign on top of the arch which says "THE RITZ". The camera is situated on the junction with St James's Street. Note the incorrect use of the apostrophe but that's how they have it on the street signs, although interestingly, on the TfL webcam feed they have written "St James" which isn't correct either! It should be St James'.

Piccadilly - Green Park

On Piccadilly, looking east in the direction of Piccadilly Circus. On the right of the shot is Green Park, famous for not having any flowers. Buckingham Palace is just the other side of the park. This is quite close to the Japanese embassy where you often see people demonstrating about whaling. It's also quite close to the Hard Rock Cafe (which is in the opposite direction to the way the camera is looking - as is the Japanese embassy).

Scotch Corner

This is Scotch Corner in Knightsbridge. The camera is looking west, towards the old Burberry building. The Burberry store has moved a short distance away, and is now at 1 Sloane Street, opposite Harvey Nichols, which is a much better location for it as you walk right past it when walking from Harvey Nichols to Harrods. The road going to the left is Brompton Road where Harrods is situated just a few minutes walk from here. The road going to the right is Knightsbridge which leads up to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and the Royal Albert Hall (and eventually to Kensington High Street).

Brompton Road - Beaufort Gardens

This is Brompton Road in Knightsbridge. You can see Harrods in the top right-hand corner of the shot. The camera is looking north-east, towards Scotch Corner, where Burberry and Harvey Nichols are.

Oxford Street - Selfridges

This is the famous shopping street in London. Selfridges department store is to the left. It's similar to Harrods but without the bling. It's a wonderful building. You usually only see buses and taxis on Oxford Street. Like a lot of streets in central London, it's usually quicker to walk than take your car! The camera is situated on the junction of Oxford Street and Orchard Street and is looking east along Oxford Street.

Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus is the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street. A very busy shopping location. There's also a tube station there. The camera is looking down Regent Street in the direction of Piccadilly Circus. A circus in this case is "a round open area in a town where several streets meet".

Albert Bridge - Chelsea

The very attractive Albert Bridge. Probably the nicest bridge in London, it was renovated in 2010. Have a look at the webcam at night to see the lights on it. This is viewing it from the Chelsea side looking south (the other side is Battersea). Due to the age and construction of the bridge it can't take heavy vehicles, so they have installed metal bollards which you can see the cars driving between. You can barely fit a car through them, you quite often see people getting stuck or damaging their car! Due to this, cars can get stuck half way across the junction which allows the motorists who are now impeded, to participate in their favourite pastime, blasting their horns!

Albert Bridge - Battersea

This is a view of the Albert Bridge from the Battersea end, looking north. This webcam looks lovely at night when the bridge is lit up. Battersea Park is to the right, out of shot. The fashionable district of Chelsea is on the other side of the bridge.

Kensington High Street

Kensington High Street in Kensington. This is a popular shopping street. Not just as busy as Oxford Street and Regent Street in town. The camera is situated at the junction with Kensington Church Street, and is looking west in the direction of Hammersmith.

Earls Court Road

Earls Court Road at Earls Court station (which is to the left). You can see the famous blue police box to the left, just like Dr Who's TARDIS! There are two entrances to the station, one on Earls Court Road, and another on Warwick Road, which is where the old Earls Court exhibition centre was.